Running for Eliza and Rett Syndrome

Eliza to complete the kids run at the MDI Marathon

Eliza will be running the kids run at the Mount Desert Island Marathon on Sunday, October 20, at 9:30 a.m.  The run starts at the Pemetic School in Southwest Harbor and ends at the nearby marathon finish line.  Join us to cheer for Eliza!

Hard work pays off
Two years ago, Meghann Harris ran her first marathon to raise funds to support Rett syndrome research at The Jackson Laboratory.  Beyond the goal of completing a marathon, Meghann was determined to raise enough funds to establish a mouse model to be used for research that could help her daughter, Eliza, who has a rare form of Rett syndrome.  Meghann’s hard work paid off. 

Just this summer, Cathy Lutz, Ph.D., Jackson Laboratory research scientist and director of the Genetic Resource Science repository, confirmed that the Eliza mouse is ready to be used for research.  The project has been personal for Dr. Lutz, as well, who has known Eliza and her family for several years and ran the Mount Desert Island Marathon in 2012 to boost fundraising efforts so that the mouse model could be completed.

The next step
With nearly $50,000 raised and spent on the project in the last two years, the third annual Run for Eliza and Rett Syndrome is underway.  This year Eliza will run her own race during the kids run at the Mount Desert Island marathon on October 20 to raise funds for the next critical stage of the project: research that could help Eliza and others with Rett syndrome.

You can help!
Please support the Run for Eliza to help provide a better, healthier future for young girls like Eliza. Your donation will be designated solely to Rett syndrome research at The Jackson Laboratory. You may donate online; by phone at 1-800-474-9880; or by mailing a check to The Jackson Laboratory, P.O. Box 254, Bar Harbor, ME 04609 (with “Run for Eliza” in the memo area). Eliza’s family will receive notification of all gifts received for this cause.

Stay in touch and visit the Run for Eliza Facebook page!

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