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Edison Liu, Ph.D.

Edison Liu, M.D.

New president and CEO Edison Liu, M.D., is traveling around the globe to lead the Laboratory into the genomic medicine era.
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The Jackson Laboratory began 2013 with an exciting new direction.

The Laboratory broke ground in Farmington, Conn., for a new institute, The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine.

JAX Genomic Medicine will help the Laboratory realize the promise of genomic medicine, also known as personalized or individualized medicine.
Today, the practice of medicine is largely reactive and based on broad statistical averages. A treatment that works for some people is applied to everyone, with mixed results.

The Jackson Laboratory is determined to change this.

With ever-increasing precision, Laboratory scientists are identifying the genetic and molecular causes of disease and are marshaling research strengths in genomics and modeling to discover individualized treatments and cures. Jackson’s science will make medicine more precise, predictable and personal—improving care, lowering costs and increasing life span and health span.

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