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The Purposes of the Alumni Association are to: 

  • Build and maintain strong, lifelong relationships with the alumni that keep them connected to the Laboratory's mission
  • Unite all alumni in support of the The Jackson Laboratory
  • Assist in disseminating information to alumni relating to The Jackson Laboratory
  • Foster a kinship among alumni with The Jackson Laboratory and with each other

We invite you to participate in The Jackson Laboratory Alumni Association. If you would like to update your contact information, find a fellow alumni or have any other questions, pease contact Claire Sasner via email at alumni@jax.org or call 207-288-6340.

    Claire Sasner
    Associate Director, Donor Engagement, Alumni Relations
    Claire Sasner

"It changed my life." Those four words are a multi-generational mantra for the hundreds of alumni whose interests, skills and successes in basic science research were stoked by participation as high school or college students in our popular Summer Student Program.  For more than 80 years, we’ve brought young science students to Maine for hands-on research internships.

Meet some notable achievers

After working under the mentorship of our research scientists, many of the program’s alumni have gone on to achieve great things. Among them are three Nobel Prize winners: Howard Temin, David Baltimore and Jack Szostak.

Many alumni, including Baltimore, now a Jackson trustee, retain strong personal, professional and financial commitments to our Summer Student Program and to our National Council.

Teamwork yields results for postdocs in Yijun Ruan's lab at JAX Genomic Medicine

Featured profile

Connecticut Postdocs

"Most of the six post doctoral fellows in Yijun Ruan's lab followed him as a group from Singapore last year to continue their work."

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David Baltimore Class of 1959

David Baltimore

“The summer I spent at The Jackson Laboratory as a teenager was the decisive factor in my choosing biology as a major in college.”
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Stefanie Jeffrey

Stefanie Jeffrey

“I was a junior in high school when I first went to The Jackson Laboratory” says Dr. Stefanie Jeffrey. “It changed my life.”  That it did.

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Erin and Anne Spillane

Erin and Anne Spillane

Erin and Anne Spillane were juniors at Cornell University when the twins were selected to participate in The Jackson Laboratory’s Summer Student Program in 2001.

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