2015 Annual Giving

This list recognizes donors who have contributed to The Jackson Laboratory in 2015.  This list is updated monthly.

Clarence Cook Little Club - ($100,000 +)
Janet D. Brand
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Anthony B. Evnin, Ph.D., and Judith W. Evnin
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Michael '80 and Katharine '80 Morley
Raymond & Beverly Sackler Fund for the Arts & Sciences
Ms. Ruth H. Saliba

Earl and Margaret Green Club - ($50,000 - $99,999)
Davis Family Foundation
Jane's Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Edison T. Liu
R.F. Jordan & Sons Construction, Inc.
Hilda K.  Roderick and Family

George Snell Club - ($10,000 - $49,999)
Anonymous (3)
Ms. Linda N. Cabot and Mr. Edward T. Anderson
Mary S. Consalvi and Anthony F. Alario
The David Rockefeller Fund, Inc.
Mr. William E. Fowler and  Ms. Mary C. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Gerrity
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Gurin
Mr. Phil Harriman
Hurley-Direct Travel
E. Thomas Johnson, Jr. and Joyce Sullivan
Dr. Donna A. King '75
Fernand and Nicole Lamesch
Mr. Michael A. Lebel
Fred and Ruth Lynch
Machias Savings Bank
Maine Savings Federal Credit Union
MarketOne Builders, Inc.
MetroHartford Alliance
Neal Milch
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Purina LabDiet
Grant Sims
Sally Thomas
University of Connecticut Health Center
Diane Weiss
Diana Wister
Mr. Brian F. Wruble

Tibby Russell Club - ($1,000 - $9,999)
Anonymous (3)
Mr. Rick Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Anderson
Ariel Group Enterprises, LLC
Dr. Karen Artzt
Patty Bacon
Dr. David Baltimore and Alice S. Huang
Mrs. Lydia Barnes
Mr. Richard M. Bass and Ms. Linda Grossman
Bruce and Martha Bauer
Ms. Cynthia A. Becton
Stephen Botsford
Ms. Judi Bufkin
Canaan Partners
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chalk
Chroma Technology Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Colgan
Tom Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Cushman
Diagnosys LLC
Dilworth Paxson LLP
E.L. Shea, Inc.
Dr. Mary Fleming Finlay
Fisher Scientific at Thermo Fisher
Denis M. Forster
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ganong
Peggie Geiger
Ms. Irene E. Goodale
JoAnne Goodnight
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hunter
Dr. '51 and Mrs. David Ingall
Gay Lynn and Mel Jackson
Ms. Linda Jensen and Mr. Michael Shattow
Rich and Gay Jensen
Thomas P. Jones
Mrs. Jacquelynn Kaufman
Kebo Valley Ladies Golf Association
Kent Scientific
John Knott
Julius and Patricia Krevans
Ms. Judith A. Lese
Diane Louie, M.D., M.P.H. '77, and Paul Rothenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. MacAllen
Phoebe Milliken
Karen and Barry Mills
George J. and Heather M. Mitchell
Ginger More
Mr. I. Wistar Morris III
Noldus Information Technology Inc
Lou and Joan Perry
Phoenix Research Laboratories, Inc.
Ralph E. and Anastasia L. Davis Estate
Tom Reynolds '76 and Mariluz Villa
Jeanne Riggs
Mr. Hamilton Robinson Jr.
Yijun Ruan, Ph.D.
Alexander and Sarah Saint-Amand
Mary W. Schley M.D. '50
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Shubert
Irving I. Silverman
Mrs. Patty Sims
Mr. Ryan Sims
Peter Small
Mr. Stephen Smith
Bruce and Betsy Stefany
Mr. Carl W. Stiewe
Leslie Sumner and Abby Monkley
The Alexis and Susan Te Charitable Foundation , a Donor Advised Fund of The Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Thoren Caging Systems, Inc.
Miss Marana W. Tost
Dr. Kathleen Triman
Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Barbara and Alexander Wood
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Yates

Elizabeth Fekete Club - ($1 - $999)

Anonymous (24)
Ms. Martha Abbott
Mr. Carl Ackermann
Mr. Barry G. Adams
Idris Adjerid
David Alexander
All Souls Congregational Church
Andree Allen
AmazonSmile Foundation
Mr. Corey Angst
Nicole and Imraan Ansaarie
Joan Arel
Ruediger Bachmann
Kristen Bachteler
Andrew Bailey
David and Sharon Baines
Patricia and George Baker
Kevin Balhoff
Elena Ball
Dorota Bamford
Ms. Mary Bamford
Ms. Mary J. Barneby
Mr. Mike Barrera
Diane Barry
Brian Bartlow
Edith McBride Bass
Bessie Batsides
Laura Batt and Daniel Hungerman
Tony and Betty Beardsley
Lesley Bechtold
Mr. Jason Beckwith
Ms. Susan Belanger
Denise and Ken Bennett
Donna Benson
Gary A. Bergeron
Thomas and Katheryn Berglewicz
Mrs. Helen Berkson '52
Dr. Gail W. Berry
Karen Berry
Kathleen and Konrad Bienia
Ms. Martha Bilek
Chris Bird
Mr. and Mrs. George Blagden
Becky Blankenburg, M.D., M.P.H. '94
Ms. Emily Block
Katie Blunz
Ann Body
Ms. Karla Boeckenstedt
Edward Boesiger
Florence Borda
Christopher Boucouvalas
Dr. Brian Bournival '78 and Dr. Ling Yuan Su
Garrett and Janet Bowne
Dr. Markley H. Boyer and Dr.Barbara Millen Boyer
Joseph Boyle
Ms. Molly Boyle
David A. Brancaccio '77
Kelly Bridges
Mr. James Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gorham Brigham Jr.
Charles B. Brill, M.D. '54
Sarah Brooks and Andres Estrada
Kevin Brown
Mr. Maxwell Brown
Pamela Brown '71
Dr. Jason Bubier
Kenny and Caitlin Buchanan
Mrs. Kathleen Buchen-Barbara
Dr. Carol Bult
Conrad and Helen Bult
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Burgess
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Burns
Ms. Molly Buser
Kristen Callagy
Cynthia Cannon
Donald and Beth Capelin
Ms. Lolita Carfora
Ms. Carolyn Casino
Mr. Joseph Casino
Jennifer Cavolo
Lynne and David Champoux
Linda Chapin
Janel Charlton
 Hertha J. Chellevold, Ph.D. '64
Dr. and Mrs. Doughas H. Chessen
Mr. Gregory Christianson
Kevin Clare
Concetta Clark
Dr. Denny Clark '63
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Coggeshall
Barbara and Irving Cohen
Mr. Stephen R. Coleman '65
Mr. and Mrs. Farnham F. Collins
Russell Conde
Mrs. Susan H. Connell
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Conway
Dr. Debbie Richards Cooper, Ph.D. '76
Mr. Chris E. Corrie
Corrine Cox
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Cox
Jackie Cox
Mr. Clifford Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Crocker
Kara Cronin
Mr. Michael Cronin
Raymond Cronin
Dr. Lida I. S. Dahm '54
Richard and Norma Daniels
Jaden David
Barbara Kvedar Davis
Mrs. Jeanne Cahill Davis
Ms. Sara E. Davis
Toni Davisson
Ms. Linda Deere
Maxime and Christine Delaunay
Doug and Debbie De Meester
Lillie Dennis
Ron and Rose Dennis
Mr. Dave Desilets
Thomas DeSimone
Mr. Mark Devoe
Mr. and Mrs. Rinaldo S. Di Giorgio
Dr. Edward Bruce Didonato
Mr. Richard L. Dietrich
Frank DiGiacomo
Isabella DiRado
Mr. Paul K. Dober
Kate and Tim Dolezal
Peter '62 and Erin Dolinger
Regina and Kert Dolloff
Kevin Donovan
Megan Doody
Kirk Doran
Sally Dowdle
Janelle Driscoll
William S. Duffy
Elizabeth Dumont
Drs. Linda and Jeffrey Dunn
Eva Dziadula
Barbara Easterday
Mr. James Eastman
Mr. John Easton
Tricia and Chris Easton
John M. and Carolyn B. Eckert
Ralph and Deborah Eddy
Laura Eldridge
Estate of Ruby Rutherford
Ms. Diana L. Estey
Gail Evans
Richard Evans
William Evans
Ms. Ellen Ewart
Allison Fachetti
Bill and Nancy Farnsworth
Michael Fasulo
Jacqueline Fawcett, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fernald
Erin Fessler
Susan Fillion
Teri Finan
John Fitzpatrick
Vivian J. Flanders
Ms. Mary Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Fletcher
Florence Family Foundation
Kayla Florence
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Westbrook Ladies Auxiliary #2977
Christopher and Erin Fogg
Karen Forman
Kim and Jeff Forthofer
John Fottrell
Judith and Earl Fox
Gary and Kathy Fox
John and Mary Jane Fryer
Dr. Joseph G. Gall and Ms. Diane M. Dwyer
Cynthia Gamage
Ms. Elizabeth Garvin
John Gaski
Jane S. Giffin
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Giffin
John and Deb Gilbert
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. B. Gilbert
Give with Liberty
Mr. John A. Glover
Erika and Dick Gold
Andrew Golfin
Peter Gooding
Dr. '65 and Mrs. Charles D. Goodwin
Melissa and Chris Gosnell and Hailey Gosnell
Mr. Brian Gouldrup
Wayne Gregersen
Captain and Mrs. William H. Greiwe
Danita Hahn
Mr. David A. Haid
Hamilton Thorne Ltd.
Kevin Hartwell
Carter Harwood
Ken Hendrix
Mr. Brian Hennigan
Debbora Henry
John C. Henry
Dr. Carol Hermsdorf and Dr. Frank Krasin
Paul C. Hersey
Jessica Herstek
William Hibler
Margaret M. Hinrichs
Ann Michelson Hirschhorn '53
Dr. Raymond Hoche-Mong
Jean and Tom Hoder
Mr. Leo A. Holt
Norine Holt
Elizabeth Housing
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Houston
Paul Howe
Dr. Gareth R. Howell
John Hrabrick
Brett Hummel
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hutchinson
Rachel Hutter
Neal and Sharon Jacobs
Mr. Alex Janiw
Dan Jankowski
Eddie and Dorothy Jata
Ms. Marlene Jeffers
Peter and Margaret Jeffery
Allen Jervey
Kristen Jesulaitis
Carson Joehl
Gilbert Joehl
Hillarie Joehl
Stephen Joehl
Ms. Mary Johnson
Terence Johnson
Ms. Mary Ellen Jones
Rob and Kate Jordan
Mrs. Thelma G Joseph
Rue and Ardon Judd
Coleen C. Kane
Ms. Son Yong Karst
Chris Keene
Ms. Anne Keliner
Ms. Brenna Kelly
Dan and Kate Kelly
Kathleen Kelly
Mary Kelly
Eileen J. Kladivko '71
Allan and Joan Kleinman
Elaine Klobe
Ms. Debbie Knapp
Chris and Kathleen Koch
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Korstanje
Anne and Mark Kozak
Dr. Leslie Kozak
Mr. Anthony Krysak
Dennis and Carol Kubic
David Kuchta
Christina Lacci
Lisa Lacci
Ms. Eileen Laliberte
Peter T. Lamothe
Ms. Nancy Lancaster
Mike and Kathy Lane
Dwight M. Lanpher, P.E.
Danica Lapid
Jim Laprade
Laragen Inc.
Dr. James B. Larsen '58
Elaine Lawson
Denis Dumas LeBlanc '74
Mrs. Lucy M. Ledien
Charles Lee, Ph.D.
Ching-Yung and Sabrina Lee
Mrs. Nina Lehman '75
Mr. and Mrs. Pincus Leitner
Mark Lessard
Norman H. Levey '65
Mr. Barney Linn '72
Mr. Stephen Linnell
Thomas and Maureen Litwin
Henry Litz, M.D.
Liza Kim Accessories, Inc.
Ms. Louise Lopez
Steven Lugauer
Mr. Philip Lyford
Laura Lynch
Dr. Bonnie Lyons
Mary Beth and James Lytal
Mary and Ken MacCormac
Antonietta MacKenzie
Liam Madden
Rose Mage '54
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maggi
Joan Malcolm
Ms. Carole Maloney
John and Elaine Marino
Dr. Mary Lee Martens
Dale '55 and Janice Matheson
Rebecca McClure Becknell
Michael McCormick
Joseph McCune
Erin McDevitt
Mr. Michael M. McFarland
Mr. Michael McGee
Breffni McLaughlin
Laura McLaughlin
Ms. Elizabeth McMullan
Mr. Jay M. McNally
Ms. Caroline Meehan
Ms. Adrienne Mehalow and Mr. William Schott
Marian Mehegan, D.D.S., M.P.H. '71
Mr. James Miller
Mr. John G. Miller
Sandra  R. Miller '51
Mr. Thomas J. Miller
Daniel Milling
Mrs. Mary Ellen Miner
Casimir Mleczko
Mr. Matthew Mleczko
Chris and Cindy Moen
Patricia Mohler
Ms. Dawne Moll
James and Marjorie Moody
William Moraca
Michael '80 and Katharine '80 Morley
Laurel Morton
Ms. Hannah Mulvey
Grable Muraida
Kristin Murray
Auro and Priya Nair
Wesley and Linda Nash
Janneke Seton Neilson
Mr. Arnold Nemerofsky
Network for Good
Scott Neuberger
Conny Nichols
Dana Nightingale
Jackie and Eric Nizamoff
Jenna Nizamoff
Jessica Noonan
John Nowak
William and Daisy O'Gorman
Daniel Oldman
Kathleen O'Leary
Gerry Osborne
Mr. Michael Osborne
Paul OShaughnessy
Chris Pajakowski
Stephen Palumbo
Karen Pape
Mr. Peter Parlin
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm E. Peabody
Ann and Arden Peach
David and Christine '66 Pearson
Janice Pendola Ph.D.
Mr. Stephen Pennell
Robert Perkin
Ken Perlick
Mrs. Eleanor R. Peterson
Joyce Peterson
Dr. Petko Petkov and Ms. Pavlina Petkova
Ms. Eileen Phillips
James Pickel II
Elizabeth Poell
Ms. Rita S. Poirier
Brent A. Porter
Paul H. Potter, M.D.
Robert Poulin
John Powell
Mr. Michael Pries
Sheila S. Pulling
Nathaniel and Virginia Putnam
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Queenan, Jr.
Tony and Ann Marie Ramos
Mrs. Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Redfield Artisans Gallery
Morton and Zelda Reeber
Paul A. and Dartha C. Reid
Kathleen Remmel
Kelsey Repine
Mr. Christopher Rice
Drs. Lynn M. Riddiford '53 and James W. Truman
Diana Rigg
Bill and Sonnie Robb
Ms. Sheila Johnson Robbins
Ms. Dianne Robinson
Susan Robinson
Melissa and Stephen Rockwood
Yu-Hui C. Rogers
Robert Rokowski
Mr. Nick Romjue
Sally Roscoe
Ms. Julie Rosher
Mr. Michael A. Ross
Kristen B. Rozansky
Richard Samuels
Thomas and Candace Sanford
Mike and Claire Sasner
Mrs. Marie Saucier
Mr. Martin Savalchak
Anthony and Louise Scarfone
David '65 and Terri Scheff
Roz and Fred Scheiner
Rachel and Lawrence Schiro
Joan Schmitt
Ms. Melissa Schmitt
Sabrina Schultz
Rosalie Schwaner
Stephen and Christine Schweer
Dr. Rosalind A. Segal '74
Dr. Steven Seidman
Dave '91 and Suzanne Serreze
Mr. David Sherman
Christine and Brian Sherwin
Mr. and Mrs. John Simon
Jill and Eric Sims
Jimmie Sims
Ms. Nicole Sims
Sarah Singer
Mrs. Donna Sipila
Linda Skalski
Judy Smallwood
Mr. Owen H. Smith
Ann S. Smythe
Dr. Donald Stanley
Dr. Bonita Stanton '68
Mr. and Mrs. Murray Staub
Martha Stauffer, M.D. '54
Mrs. Elaine Stieritz
Ms. Alexandra Stroud
Mr. Gary Sullivan
James Sullivan
Lauren Sullivan
Sean Sullivan
Sutter Instrument
Kenneth L. Swasey
Frances P. Taft
Philip Tarallo
Paul and Frances Tausche '50
Roger Tharp
Laura W. Thomas
Mrs. W. R. Thompson
Andrew Tuccillo
Helene and Maurice Tuchman
Lisa Turner
Brooke Turrell
Mr. James Tyrrell
John Tyrrell
Katie Tyrrell
United Way of Androscoggin County, Inc.
United Way of Greater Portland
United Way of the Greater Seacoast
Sharon Worthing Vaino '69
Dr. Richard Valente '76
Deborah Ann Valenzuela
Susan and Jim Van Fleit
Barbara Van Slooten
Bill and Kathy Vandegrift
Jay Vetelino
Ms. Bethany Wait
Mr. and Mrs. James A. S. Walker
Ms. Anne Walmsley
Kevin Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. George Walton
Mrs. Linda Walton
Mark Wanner
Kaitlin Ward
Ryan Watt
Donna A. Weatherwalks
Ms. Susan Webber
Rebecca A. Webster
Julie M. Wells, Ph.D.
Kristen Wendorf
Pip and Judy Wick
Mr. Drew Wieland
Kathleen Wieland
Ms. Margaret Wieland
Dr. Michael Wiles
Kenneth and Annette Wing
Tony Wittrock
Alan and Karen Wolf
Alexis Wollstadt
Susan Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woods
Gerard Vasisko and Margot Woolley
Rachel and Charles Wray
Mr. and Mrs. Louis T. Zawislak
Thomas F. Ziobrowski, M.D.
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