2014 Annual Giving

This list recognizes donors who have contributed to The Jackson Laboratory in 2014.  This list is updated monthly.

Clarence Cook Little Club - ($100,000 +)
Emera Maine
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
Richard Kobus
The Pew Charitable Trusts
Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation for the Arts & Sciences
Tsoi/Kobus & Associates

Earl and Margaret Green Club - ($50,000 - $99,999)
Joel V. Levy, M.D. '53
Mr. William M. Rudolf

George Snell Club - ($10,000 - $49,999)
Anonymous (1)
Mary M. Brandes
David and Susan Cabot
Mr. Ross Dworman and Ms. Jennifer Coll
Anthony B. Evnin, Ph.D., and Judith P. Evnin
James D. Fitzgerald, LEED AP
Jane Gillum
Charles E. and Jacqueline K. Hewett
Robert N. Holtzman, M.D. '56
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Janeway
Fernand and Nicole Lamesch
Maine Cancer Foundation
Maine Savings Federal Credit Union
MarketOne Builders, Inc.
MetroHartford Alliance
The New York Community Trust
Purina LabDiet
Ralph E. and Anastasia L. Davis Estate
Schwab Charitable Fund
Dr. Willys K. Silvers '49, '50
Summit Partners
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Tibby Russell Club - ($1,000 - $9,999)
Anonymous (1)
The Amgen Foundation, Inc.
Artzt Howard Foundation
Dr. Karen Artzt
B. D. & Jane E. McIntyre Foundation
Patty Bacon
Dr. David Baltimore and Alice S. Huang
Bruce and Martha Bauer
John and Marilyn Beck
Janet D. Brand
BVH Integrated Services
Centerbrook Architects
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chalk
Chalk's Truck Parts Inc.
CIGNA Foundation
Joseph M. Cohen
Tig and Kathy Conger
Kathleen Corbet
The Cotswold Foundation
Tom and Jennifer Craig
The David Rockefeller Fund, Inc.
Extreme Networks
Jacqueline Fawcett, Ph.D., R.N., F.A.A.N.
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Fisher Scientific at Thermo Fisher
Christopher and Rebecca Lawton '85 Flatters
Furth Family Foundation
Hope L. and John L. Furth
Peggie Geiger
Gerrish H. Milliken Foundation
Give with Liberty
JoAnne Goodnight
Harry Grodsky & Co., Inc.
Abigail M. Hirschhorn '82 and Mr. Andreas Beroutsos
Dr. '51 and Mrs. David Ingall
Irving Foundation
Ms. Linda Jensen and Mr. Michael Shatow
Thomas P. Jones
Mrs. Jacquelynn Kaufman
Kebo Valley Ladies Golf Association
Kent Scientific
Laurin and Norman '75 Kleiman
Chris and Kathleen Koch
Julius and Patricia Krevans
The Kulicke Fund
Mr. Dwight E. Lee
Diane Louie, M.D., M.P.H. '77, and Paul Rothenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Devon and Dakin Lovelace
Margaret Dorrance Strawbridge Foundation of PA II Inc.
MassMutual Financial Group
Maverix Biomics
Jack and Adrienne Maxwell
Charles McIntyre
Bob and Lois McKown
Phoebe and Gerrish Milliken
Ginger More
Mr. I. Wistar Morris III
Network for Good
Paul Dinto Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Dan and Polly Pierce
John T. Potts, Jr., M.D.
Purina Animal Nutrition LLC 
The RD Foundation, Inc.
The Alexis and Susan Te Charitable Foundation , a Donor Advised Fund of The Renaissance Charitable Foundation
Mr. Hamilton Robinson Jr.
Mr. David Rockefeller
Paul Russell
Edward and Marthann Samek
Mary W. Schley M.D. '50
Valerie E. Scott
Christine and Brian Sherwin
Bruce and Betsy Stefany
Barbara Stiewe
Mr. Carl Stiewe
Mr. Robert D. Stuart Jr.
Swiss Time
Miss Marana W. Tost
United Jewish Foundation of Metropolitan Detroit
Drs. Candace and Edward Walworth
Rebecca and Rhys Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Wister Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Younger

Elizabeth Fekete Club - ($1 - $999)
Anonymous (14)
Ms. Martha Abbott
ableBanking Customers
Aetna Foundation
Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies Foundation
Dr. Gary R. Agisim '67
Patricia A. Albano-Goulette, Esq.
Alfa Mutual Insurance Co
Larry and Debra Alley
American Express Charitable Fund
American Express Company
Donna Ames
Paige Amick
Barbara and Mark Amstutz
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Anderson
Tiffany and Todd Angus
Joan Arel
Roy Atkinson
Margaret Rigg Atwood
Richard and Sandra Belsky '74 Auerbach
Andrew Bailey
Margaret M. Baillie
Dr. Robert F. Baker '62
Patrick Baldwin
Sara L. Ball, R.N.
Jeffrey and Anne Banger
Bank of America United Way Campaign
The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership
Susan and Kent Barber
Mr. Brian Barlow
Robert and Nancy Barnes
Barbara and Stanley Barwise
Edith McBride Bass
Tony and Betty Beardsley
Ms. Elizabeth Beattie
Ms. Terri H. Beaty
Mr. Jason Beckwith
Dr. and Mrs. Norman E. Beisaw '53
Ms. Susan Belanger
Gary A. Bergeron
Mrs. Helen Berkson '52
Reverend and Mrs. Louis H. G. Bier
Chris Bird
Katie Blunz
Edward Boesiger
Florence Borda
Dr. Brian Bournival '78 and Dr. Ling Yuan Su
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel R. Bowditch
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gorham Brigham Jr.
Charles B. Brill, M.D. '54
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc
James and Lee Broder
Sarah Brooks and Andres Estrada
Eleanor Brown
Pamela Brown '71
Mr. and Mrs. John Brubaker
Roberta Dilk Bruck Ph.D. '70
Dr. Jason Bubier
Laura L. T. Bullitt
Dr. Carol Bult
Conrad and Helen Bult
Mary and Lou Burdick
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Burgess
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. William Butman
Pete and Ruth Calas
Kristen Callagy
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace E. Camp Sr.
Cynthia Carey
Linda Chapin
Fay Chary
Chase Family Fund
Elissa Chesler
Mr. Gregory Christianson
Cristine Cioffi '70
Priscilla Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Coggeshall
Prof. Robert W. Colman, M.D., '51 and Prof. Roberta F. Colman, Ph.D.
Benjamin Coon and Friends at Alfa Insurance
Dr. Debbie Richards Cooper, Ph.D. '76
Stuart and Esther Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Walter F. Corbin
Mr. Chris E. Corrie
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Cox
Tom Crawford
Mr. William Crowell
Miss Charlotte D'Angelo
Barbara Kvedar Davis
Mrs. Jeanne Cahill Davis
Mary C. Davis Ph.D. '84
Ms. Sara E. Davis
Ms. Ann Lucile de Besche
Doug and Debbie De Meester
Anne P. R. Dean
Rudolf H. Deetjen III
Remi Delcourt
Mrs. Burelean L. Densmore
Mr. Robert J. DeSimone
Richard F. Desjardins
Mrs. Ellen Devine
Mr. Mark Devoe
Dr. Edward Bruce DiDonato
Frank DiGiacomo
Gilbert and Rosemary DiLeone
Ms. Anne C. Dillon
Paul Dober
Virginia Joseph Dodson '64
Marjorie '45 and Arthur Dole
Dorothea M. Donio
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Douglass
Mr. and Mrs. Wells B. Dow
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Drake
Drs. Linda and Jeffrey Dunn
Harold E. Durgin
Clement and Martha Dwyer
Constance A. Eastburn
Barbara Easterday
John M. and Carolyn B. Eckert
Sandy Elsasser
David Elwell
Empire Safety & Supply
Jonathan Englert
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon I. Erikson Jr.
Estate of Ruby Rutherford
Richard Evans and Vickie Martin
Caryl Everett
Ms. Ellen Ewart
Darlene and Jack Farls
Nancy Farnsworth
Michael Fasulo
Mr. Marc Feller
Mr. Thomas Fernald
Dr. Mary F. Finlay
Meredith Finn
Ms. Holly Fitzmaurice
Peter and Abbey Flink
FM Global Foundation
Christopher and Erin Fogg
Robert and Marthe Forrester
Denis M. Forster
Kim and Jeff Forthofer
Penny and Tim Fox
Dr. '59 and Mrs. Richard R. Fox
Fraternal Order of Eagles, Westbrook Ladies Auxiliary #2977
John and Mary Jane Fryer
Kathleen P. Fucci
Joseph Gainer
Joseph G. Gall and Diane Dwyer
GE Foundation
Ms. Margaret Gean
Ms. Jessica George
Georgia Stone Industries, Inc.
Susan Gerbi-McIlwain
Susan and Kevin Gesing
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Giffin
Dr. Jose Giron
David '63 and Arlene Glass
Ann M. Humphrey and Aaron J. Glazer
Jack and Myrna Golden
Goldman, Sachs & Co., Matching Gift Program
Jean S. Good
Aaron and Beverly Goodale
Ms. Irene E. Goodale
Esther '61 and William Gorman
Hailey Gosnell
Melissa and Chris Gosnell
Ms. Mary Jane Grady
Dr. Ralph J. '65 and Mrs. Millicent Graff
Stephanie Graff
John T. Graham
Nancy Gray
Graycote Inn
Mark Greenberg, Esq.
Conrad Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. D. Andrew Grimes
Ralph Grishman
Mr. Peter Forsyth Grylls
Dr. Lloyd Guth '49
Rick and Joyce Guyer
Robert and Barbara Haack
Kathryn Hachigian
William and Mary Haggis
Courtenay Haight
Denise Hall
Ray and Wanda Hansen
Brenda Harahan
Steven Hardy
Ms. Joanne Harris
Carter Harwood
Hilary Harwood
Amelia Harp and Thomas Hausle
Kimberly Haynes
Becky Heden
Debbora Henry
Price and Barbara Heppe
Paul C. Hersey
Ann Michelson Hirschhorn '53
Dr. Raymond Hoche-Mong
Amanda Hoel and Peter Murphy
James and Karen Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Houston
Ron and Marlene Hurd
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hutchinson
IBM Employee Services Center
Malcolm G. Idelson
Michaele and Jim Imbrogno
Paula M. S. Ingalls
The Irene Emery Goodale Foundation
Deborah Jackson
Frederick and Barbara Jackson
Gay Lynn and Mel Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Jenkins
The Joelson Foundation
Paul and Patricia Jones
Robert W. Jones
Rob and Kate Jordan
Michelle Ann Josephson M.D. '74
The Judith A. Lese Breast Cancer Foundation
Regina Kane
Ms. Son Yong Karst
Sara Cobb
Mary Ann Keenan, M.D.
Mrs. Jo Anne Wells Keller '63
Mrs. Nancy D. Kenney
Jean F. Kenny '51
Mr. Harold W. Kerr Jr.
James and Linda Killian
Dr. Donna A. King '75
John R. Kittredge, M.D. '70
Robert Koenen
David and Marjory Kraske
Rhoda Krasner
L.L. Bean Inc.
Ms. Nancy Lancaster
Gail Landis and Victor Bernstein
Professor and Mrs. Joseph LaPalombara
Harry and Loretta LaPointe
Laragen Inc.
Dr. James B. Larsen '58
Mr. Jonathan Lasko
Laticrete International, Inc. and The Rothberg Family
Ruth A. Lawrence, M.D. '45
Mrs. Kathleen L. Lazar
Denis Dumas LeBlanc '74
Ms. Claire Ledig
Ms. Judith A. Lese
Mark Lessard
Norman H. Levey '65
Ms. Nan-Qian Li
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Lieb
Ms. Helen Lindsay
Dr. Jason Lipkind '53
Thomas and Maureen Litwin
Henry Litz, M.D.
Liza Kim Accessories, Inc.
Ms. Louise Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll G. Lorang
Dennis and Barbara Lucas
Dr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Lukens
Laura Lynch
Rose Mage '54
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maggi
James Maggs
Dr. Ella Zonis Mahler
Maine Community Foundation, Inc.
Irving A. Malatzky
Joan Malcolm
Barbara Manning
Joan and Fred Mansfield
Don and Cindy Marsh
Dr. Mary-'Vesta Marston-Scott
Fred Martin
Robert E. McAfee
Anne McBride '89
George P.'64 and Linda McCabe
Rebecca McClure Becknell
Patti and Bill McClure
John and Beverley McCoid
John and Jansen McCreary
Erin McDevitt
Mr. Mathias J. McDonough
Mr. Michael M. McFarland
Mrs. John S. McLennan
Ms. Elizabeth McMullan
Ms. Elizabeth McNab
Mr. James Merritt
Ms. Jayne A Meyer
Mr. James Miller
Mr. John G. Miller
Sandra '51 and Allen Miller
Loren Minnich
George J. and Heather M. Mitchell
Patricia Mohler
James and Marjorie Moody
Michael '80 and Katharine '80 Morley
Michael and Elizabeth Mulshine
Don '61,'68,'69,'70 and Pat Murphy
Mrs. Alexandra G. Murray
Mrs. Ethel Nalle Wetherill
Bobbie Nash
Dr. Lucien Nedzi '74
Mr. Arnold Nemerofsky
William and Louisa Newlin
Nickerson & O'Day, Inc.
Ilisa Nodelman
Jared R. Nodelman
Ms. Gail Ogilvie
Jim and Paula O'Halloran
Dr. and Mrs. Harold L. Osher
Lisa Paige
Mr. John Parks
Mr. Peter Parlin
Mrs. Stephen Pearson
Nancy and Allan Peck
Joyce Peterson
Kathleen K. Petit
R. Anderson Pew
Bill and Maria Pfeffer
Piper Jaffray Community Relations
Shirlie Plummer-Joseph
Ms. Rita S. Poirier
Arthur Pollak
Brent A. Porter
Paul H. Potter, M.D.
John Powell
Kathleen J. Prestwidge, Ph.D. '52
The Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts
Mr. and Mrs. Raffaele Puoti
Pat and Stephen Pust
Deborah Quinan
Tony and Ann Marie Ramos
Mrs. Ann Ramsay-Jenkins
Redfield Artisans Gallery
Abigail Reed
Howard M. Reid '69
Paul A. and Dartha C. Reid
Mr. Christopher Rice
Sigmund T. Rich, D.V.M.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Van Richard
Barbara Richerson
Drs. Lynn M. Riddiford '53 and James W. Truman
Diana Rigg
Jeanne Riggs
Bill and Sonnie Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Aldene Robbins
Charles Roberts Jr.
Stephen and Melissa Rockwood
Hilda K.  Roderick
Margarethe Roderick, Ira Dorfman, Daniel Dorfman and Zachary Dorfman
Maureen and Luis Rodriguez
Rosaly D. Roffman
Gladys and Murray Rosofsky
Mr. Michael A. Ross
Mr. Robert A. Roth
James Route
Stephanie B. Rubin Morris '83
Carol A. Ryder
Roger and Patricia Samuel
Ms. Paulette Samuels and Brian Brotman
Miss Sonia A. Satsuk
Anthony and Louise Scarfone
David '65 and Terri Scheff
Donald R. Schreiber
Eleanor Schuker, M.D. '57,'60
Kaye and Rod Scott
The Seattle Foundation
Isadore Seeman
Dr. Rosalind A. Segal '74
Dave '91 and Suzanne Serreze
Mrs. Geraldine C. Serreze
Nancy Sharp
Richard and Doris Sharp
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Shubert
Patti Sigurdson and Bill Giroux
Robert and Dorothy Simmons
Dr. Joseph R. and Eleanor P. Simpson
Mrs. Donna Sipila
Joyce Slowik
William S. Sly, M.D.
Mr. Owen H. Smith
Wade K. Smith, M.D. '54
Mrs. Ann S. Smythe
Alan and Carol Sockloff
Laurine M. Speltz. Ph.D. '65 and Denis E. Ryono, Ph.D.
Wendy Stack and Mary Ella Grady
Peter Stafford
Diana Spense Starns
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin J. Stein
Mr. Gerry Stevens
Isabel Stevens
Mrs. Elaine Stieritz
Mr. and Mrs. R. Chris Stock
Bill and Sharyn Streich
Roy Streit
Sara S. Stremlau
Marge Strobel
Bob and Kristen Strong
Edmund and Patricia Suski '67
Kathleen M. Sutton
Priya Swamy
Donald and Brenda Swan
Frances P. Taft
S. Tucker Taft '69 and Phyllis R. Yale
Sharon Tate
Raymond H. Taylor
Mr. Robert Theriault
Laura W. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Norris Thurston
Patricia Tipton
Sally S. Tongren
Paul and Lee Tregurtha
Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
Helene and Maurice Tuchman
Tucker-Davis Technologies
United Way of Androscoggin County, Inc.
United Way of Eastern Maine
United Way of Greater Portland
United Way of Heart of West Michigan
United Way of Kennebec Valley
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
United Way of Mid-Maine, Inc.
Sharon Worthing Vaino '69
Mr. Richard Valente '76
Bill and Kathy Vandegrift
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Joseph C. Varuolo
Vincent and Elizabeth Vasko
Veteran Motor Car Club of America
Tina and Jim Volkwein
Lisa Von Clemm
Bill and Marilyn Voorhies
Mr. and Mrs. James A. S. Walker
Mr. George Walton
Ms. Linda Walton
Mark Wanner
Mr. Fred Warner
Mr. and Mrs. George Wasielke
Linda Watts
Rebecca and Randy Webster
Dr. and Mrs. Morton S. Weinstein
Julie M. Wells, Ph.D.
Mr. Matthew G. Werner
Constance S. White, M.D.
Dr. Roger F. Widmann '84
Nancy C. Wilder
Deanna Wilson-Fernandez
Kenneth and Annette Wing
Wing Surgical, P.A.
Janet Winikoff, M.D. '65
Marion and Bill Wise
Ms. Barbara A. Witham
Gerard Vasisko and Margot Woolley
Rachel and Charles Wray
Yale Taft Foundation
Yan Yang, Ph.D.
Thomas F. Ziobrowski, M.D.
Stan Zoll
Louise Zollo





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