2014 Annual Giving

This list recognizes donors who have contributed to The Jackson Laboratory in 2014.  This list is updated monthly.

Clarence Cook Little Club - ($100,000 +)
Raymond and Beverly Sackler Fund for the Arts & Sciences

Earl and Margaret Green Club - ($50,000 - $99,999)
Hilda K.  Roderick and Family

George Snell Club - ($10,000 - $49,999)
Anonymous (1)
Mary S. Consalvi and Anthony F. Alario
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Gerrity
The J. Frank Gerrity II Charitable Trust
Neal Milch
Neal Milch Family Charitable Foundation Trust
University of Connecticut Health Center

Tibby Russell Club - ($1,000 - $9,999)
Anonymous (1)
Ariel Group Enterprises, LLC
B.D. & J.E. McIntyre Foundation
Dr. David Baltimore and Alice S. Huang
The Baltimore Family Fund
Mrs. Lydia Barnes
Mr. Richard M. Bass and Ms. Linda Grossman
Janet D. Brand
Tom Craig
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund
Gerrish H. Milliken Foundation
JoAnne Goodnight
Dr. '51 and Mrs. David Ingall
Ms. Linda Jensen and Mr. Michael Shattow
Kebo Valley Ladies Golf Association
Diane Louie, M.D., M.P.H. '77, and Paul Rothenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
Phoebe Milliken
Network for Good
Lou and Joan Perry
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Quagga Accessories, LLC
Ralph E. and Anastasia L. Davis Estate
Tom Reynolds '76 and Mariluz Villa
Schwab Charitable Fund
Carl Stiewe
Leslie Sumner and Abby Monkley
Thoren Caging Systems, Inc.
Dr. Kathleen Triman
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust

Elizabeth Fekete Club - ($1 - $999)
Anonymous (15)
Ms. Martha Abbott
AmazonSmile Foundation
American Express Charitable Fund
American Express Company
ArcelorMittal Matching Gifts Program
Kristen Bachteler
David and Sharon Baines
Kevin Balhoff
Dorota Bamford
Ms. Mary Bamford
The Bank of New York Mellon Community Partnership
Lesley Bechtold
Mr. Jason Beckwith
Ms. Susan Belanger
Mrs. Helen Berkson '52
Kathleen and Konrad Bienia
Chris Bird
Ms. Karla Boeckenstedt
Christopher Boucouvalas
Dr. Brian Bournival '78 and Dr. Ling Yuan Su
Joseph Boyle
David A. Brancaccio '77
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Briggs
Dr. Jason Bubier
Dr. Carol Bult
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Burns
Kristen Callagy
Cynthia Cannon
Ms. Carolyn Casino
Mr. Joseph Casino
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Chalk
Chalk's Truck Parts Inc.
Mr. Gregory Christianson
Mrs. Susan H. Connell
Mr. Chris E. Corrie
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Cox
Jackie Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Crocker
Kara Cronin
Mr. Michael Cronin
Jaden David
Mrs. Jeanne Cahill Davis
Thomas DeSimone
Mr. Mark Devoe
Frank DiGiacomo
William S. Duffy
Mr. James Eastman
Mr. John Easton
Tricia and Chris Easton
Laura Eldridge 
Estate of Ruby Rutherford
Ms. Diana L. Estey
Gail Evans
Ms. Ellen Ewart
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fernald
Susan Fillion
John Fitzpatrick
Christopher and Erin Fogg
Denis M. Forster
Kim and Jeff Forthofer
John Fottrell
Cynthia Gamage
Erika and Dick Gold
Andrew Golfin
Dr. '65 and Mrs. Charles D. Goodwin
Wayne Gregersen
Hamilton Thorne Ltd.
Ken Hendrix
Mr. Brian Hennigan
Dr. Raymond Hoche-Mong
Jean and Tom Hoder
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Houston
Dr. Gareth R. Howell
Neal and Sharon Jacobs
Jacobs Total Gas Service
Mr. Alex Janiw
Dan Jankowski
Eddie and Dorothy Jata
Ms. Marlene Jeffers
Allen Jervey
Rob and Kate Jordan
Coleen C. Kane
Ms. Son Yong Karst
Chris Keene
Ms. Anne Keliner
Mary Kelly
Elaine Klobe
Dr. and Mrs. Ron Korstanje
Dennis and Carol Kubic
David Kuchta
Christina Lacci
Lisa Lacci
Peter T. Lamothe
Jim Laprade
Laragen Inc.
Denis Dumas LeBlanc '74
Charles Lee, Ph.D.
Mark Lessard
Mr. Stephen Linnell
Thomas and Maureen Litwin
Liza Kim Accessories, Inc.
Ms. Louise Lopez
Dr. Bonnie Lyons
Rose Mage '54
Joan Malcolm
Rebecca McClure Becknell
Joseph McCune
Erin McDevitt
Mr. Michael M. McFarland
Ms. Elizabeth McMullan
Ms. Adrienne Mehalow and Mr. William Schott
Mr. James Miller
Michael '80 and Katharine '80 Morley
Kristin Murray
Auro and Priya Nair
Janneke Seton Neilson
Scott Neuberger
Jessica Noonan
John Nowak
Ann and Arden Peach
Janice Pendola Ph.D.
Robert Perkin
Ken Perlick
Joyce Peterson
Dr. Petko Petkov and Ms. Pavlina Petkova
Ms. Eileen Phillips
James Pickel II
Ms. Rita S. Poirier
Robert Poulin
Kathleen Remmel
Melissa and Stephen Rockwood
Yu-Hui C. Rogers
Mr. Nick Romjue
Kristen B. Rozansky
Yijun Ruan, Ph.D.
Mike and Claire Sasner
Roz and Fred Scheiner
Sabrina Schultz
Dave '91 and Suzanne Serreze
Mr. David Sherman
Ms. Alexandra Stroud
Sean Sullivan
Laura W. Thomas
United Way of Greater Portland
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley
Deborah Ann Valenzuela
Bill and Kathy Vandegrift
Jay Vetelino
Mr. and Mrs. George Walton
Mrs. Linda Walton
Mark Wanner
Ryan Watt
Rebecca A. Webster
Julie M. Wells, Ph.D.
Dr. Michael Wiles
Alan and Karen Wolf
Alexis Wollstadt
Mr. Charles Woods
Rachel and Charles Wray

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