2014 Honor gifts

This list recognizes donors who have made gifts in honor of a friend or loved one in 2014.  This list is updated monthly.

In honor of Jane Barker
William S. Sly, M.D.

In honor of Carol Bult
Conrad and Helen Bult
R. Anderson Pew

In honor of Kathleen Corbet
Gail Landis and Victor Bernstein

In honor of Meghann Harris/Rett Syndrome and Eliza Sprague
Susan and Kent Barber

In honor of Leo Holt
Mark Greenberg, Esq.

In honor of Roscoe C. Ingalls Jr.
Paula M. S. Ingalls

In honor of Linda Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gorham Brigham Jr.

In honor of Richard K. Joseph
Shirlie Plummer-Joseph

In honor of Winthrop Knowlton
Furth Family Foundation
Hope L. and John L. Furth

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Little
The Kulicke Fund

In honor of Dr. Frank McKeon
Laticrete International, Inc. and The Rothberg Family

In honor of Terrance O’Connor
Patricia Tipon

In honor of Ursula Poland
Ms. Helen Lindsay

In honor of Dr. Derry Roopenian
Paul Russell

In honor of Bill Rudolf
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Cox

In honor of Kathleen Werner
Rosaly D. Roffman

In honor of Silas Werner
Pat and Stephen Pust
Mr. Matthew G. Werner

In honor of Cookie Willems
Anonymous (1)
Ms. Martha Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Briggs
Rob and Kate Jordan
Coleen Kane
Ms. Louise Lopez
Joan Malcolm
Rebecca McClure Becknell
Sharon Tate
Rachel and Charles Wray




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