2014 Honor gifts

This list recognizes donors who have made gifts in honor of a friend or loved one in 2015.  This list is updated monthly.

In support of Joseph Casino
Ms. Carolyn Casino

In support of Kara Cronin
Kristen Bachteler
Jackie Cox
Dan Jankowski
James Pickel II

In support of John Lacci
Kathleen and Konrad Bienia

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Little
Mr. Richard M. Bass and Ms. Linda Grossman

In honor of Kathy MacDonald
Anonymous (2)

In honor of Calum Monkley
Leslie Sumner and Abby Monkley

In honor of Pre-Collage Training Program
Dr. '65 and Mrs. Charles D. Goodwin

In honor of Bill Rudolf
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Cox

In honor of Robert Shea
Deborah Ann Valenzuela

In honor of Professor Sims
Joseph Boyle

In honor of Helen Wiley
Jessica Noonan

In honor of Cookie Willems
Anonymous (1)
Ms. Martha Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Briggs
Rob and Kate Jordan
Coleen C. Kane
Ms. Louise Lopez
Joan Malcolm
Rebecca McClure Becknell
Julie M. Wells, Ph.D.
Rachel and Charles Wray

In honor of Geraldine Wolf's birthday
Alan and Karen Wolf



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