2015 Honor gifts

This list recognizes donors who have made gifts in honor of a friend or loved one in 2015.  This list is updated monthly.

In honor of Carol Bult
Conrad and Helen Bult

In honor of David Cabot
Ms. Linda N. Cabot and Mr. Edward T. Anderson

In support of Joseph Casino
Ms. Carolyn Casino

In support of Kara Cronin
Mr. Carl Ackermann
Kristen Bachteler
Corrine Cox
Jackie Cox
Sally Dowdle
Allison Fachetti
Teri Finan
John Gaski
Peter Gooding
Kevin Hartwell
Paul Howe
Dan Jankowski
Ms. Brenna Kelly
Kathleen Kelly
Grable Muraida
Chris Pajakowski
James Pickel II
Kelsey Repine
Susan Robinson
Lauren Sullivan
Philip Tarallo

In honor of Evan Fox
Gary and Kathy Fox

In honor of Ceil Harnden
Chris and Cindy Moen

In honor of Leo Holt
Fred and Ruth Lynch

In honor of Weslie Janeway
Anonymous (1)

In honor of Linda Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. F. Gorham Brigham Jr.

In support of John Lacci
Kathleen and Konrad Bienia
Mrs. Kathleen Buchen Barbara

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Little
Mr. Richard M. Bass and Ms. Linda Grossman

In honor of Dakin Lovelace
Elizabeth Housing

In honor of Kathy MacDonald

In honor of Nancy Maddox
Cindy Moen

In honor of Laura Marie
Chris and Cindy Moen

In honor of Alex Markowitz’s Graduation
Richard and Norma Daniels

In honor of Alessandra Marshall
Chris and Cindy Moen

In support of Liam McGee
Mr. Michael McGee

In honor of Marsha McManus
Chris and Cindy Moen

In support of Matthew Meczko
Kaitlin Ward

In honor of Marylee Messina
Chris and Cindy Moen

In honor of Calum Monkley
Leslie Sumner and Abby Monkley

In support of Jenna Nizamoff
Kevin Brown

In honor of Pre Collage Training Program
Dr. '65 and Mrs. Charles D. Goodwin

In honor of David J. Roux
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ganong
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. James W. MacAllen
Karen and Barry Mills
Peter Small
In honor of Bill Rudolf
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Cox
Fernand and Nicole Lamesch

In honor of Robert Shea
Deborah Ann Valenzuela

In honor of Bobby Sims
Mr. Maxwell Brown
Jennifer Cavolo
Kara Cronin
Kate and Tim Dolezal
Ms. Nicole Sims
Kristen Wendorf

In honor of Catherine Sims
Karen Berry
Jennifer Cavolo
Ms. Elizabeth Garvin
Carson Joehl
Mary Beth and James Lytal
Ms. Nicole Sims
Kristen Wendorf

In honor of Jill Sims
Janel Charlton
Mr. Clifford Craig
Stephen Joehl
Richard Samuels
Jimmie Sims

In celebration of Patty Sims
Ms. Linda Deere
Ms. Debbie Knapp
In celebration of Patty Sims’ Birthday
Ms. Judi Bufkin
Ms. Mary Johnson
In honor of Professor Sims
Stephen Botsford
Joseph Boyle

In celebration of Ryan Sims
Mrs. Patty Sims
In honor of Team Sims
William Moraca

In honor of The Sims Family
Mr. Rick Alexander
Mr. Corey Angst
Laura Batt and Daniel Hungerman
Ann Body
Kirk Doran
Eva Dziadula
Danita Hahn
Rich and Gay Jensen
Kristen Jesulaitis
Hillarie Joehl
Ms. Caroline Meehan
Laurel Morton
Conny Nichols
Kathleen O'Leary
Karen Pape
Elizabeth Poell
Mr. Ryan Sims
Linda Skalski
Andrew Tuccillo
Ms. Margaret Wieland

In support of Nick Turner
Erin Fessler

In honor of Helen Wiley
Jessica Noonan

In honor of Cookie Willems
Anonymous (1)
Ms. Martha Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Briggs
Rob and Kate Jordan
Coleen C. Kane
Dr. and Mrs. Edison T. Liu
Ms. Louise Lopez
Joan Malcolm
Rebecca McClure Becknell
Julie M. Wells, Ph.D.
Rachel and Charles Wray

In honor of Geraldine Wolf's birthday
Alan and Karen Wolf

In honor of Brian F. Wruble
Dr. Gail W. Berry

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