Jackson Society

This list recognizes current members and is updated monthly.

Diamond Circle ($1,000,000 plus)

Tony and Judy Evnin
Tom and Joan Holt Family
Weslie Janeway
Win Knowlton  and Maxine Groffsky
Chris and Kathleen Koch
David and Barbara Roux
Laurine M. Speltz and Denis E. Ryono
Sheryl and Dan Tishman
Brian F. Wruble

Platinum Circle ($500,000 to $999,999)
Janet D. Brand
Sharon Bushnell and Harry Sears
Joseph M. Cohen
Kathleen Corbet
Cynthia and Ed Johnson
Edith and Bill Rudolf
David E. Shaw and Glenn Close
Christine and Brian Sherwin

Gold Circle ($100,000 to $499,999)

Anonymous (1)
Judith and Bob Adelman
Bob Alvine
David Baltimore
Bob Beck
Marilyn and John Beck
Lizabeth Becton
Susan and Richard Bingham
Barbara and Mark Boyer
Ruth and Max Brenninkmeyer
Ann and Richard Bresnahan
Catherine Dickey Brown
Dorsey and Walter Cabot
Susan and David Cabot
Jane Carr
Doug Coleman
Jennifer Coll and Ross Dworman
Frances Dalton and Sam Little
Bill Elkins
David Elliman
Janice and Jim Gallogly
Marie and Peter Gerrity
Ruth Gerrity
Eileen and George Gillespie
Rich and Susie Gurin
Penny Harris
Christopher Harte and Katherine Pope
Bill Harwood
Nancy and Richard Jackson
Christine Kiernan
Polly and Joe Knowles
Richard Kobus
Kate and Rick Lannamann
Dwight Lee
Nancy Leeson
Ann Little
Helen Madeira
Tom and Rachel Maniatis
Neal and Lesley Milch
Michael and Katharine Morley
Caroline and Wayne Morong
Janneke Neilson
Wayne Nordberg
Susan and Robert Peck
Susanna and David Place
Renée and Scott Relf
Tony Robinson
David Rockefeller
Hilda Roderick and Family
Paul Russell
Martie and Ed Samek
Lynda A. Schubert
Will Silvers
Don and Antje Stern
Mary Sulzer
Ann Symington
Tucker Taft
Sally Thomas
Pamela M. Thye
Claire and Leonard Tow
Carlo and Nancy Vittorini
Beth and Tom Volpe
Diana and Bill Wister
Janice and Rick Woychik

Silver Circle ($50,000 to $99,999)

Anonymous (2)
Burt Adelman and Lydia Rogers
Patricia A. Albano-Goulette and Richard Goulette
Patty Bacon
Lydia Barnes
Anne and Robert Bass
Elizabeth Beattie
Robert Binswanger
Mary M. Brandes
Hugh and Karen Butler Connell
Mary Consalvi and Anthony Alario
Tom and Jennifer Craig
Suzanne and J. Crandall
Lou D'Ambrosio
James Fitzgerald
Marta and Robert Frank
Hope and John Furth
Jackie and Chuck Hewett
Abigail Hirschhorn and Andreas Beroutsos
Bob Holtzman
Donna King and Michael Hoffarth
Margee and Bob Kinney
Samantha Knowlton
Ed and Maggie Liu
Ruth and Fred Lynch
Peter McSpadden
Edward Miller
Carolyn Montgomery
Bev and Ken Paigen
Maura and Leonard Shaykin
Winthrop and Marguerite Short
Fred Sieber
Peter Skaperdas
Bayard Storey
Lucille and Jim Thomas
Shirley Tilghman
Jay Tolson and Lynn Norley
Wendell Weyland

Bronze Circle ($10,000 to $49,999)

Anonymous (6)
Anna-Karin and Noubar Afeyan
Kathy and Paul Anderson
Karen Artzt
Robert and Betsy Barbanell
Joanne and Paul Bean
Cathy and Stanley Bernstein
Helene and Louis Bier
Robert Birch
Katherine Blackwell
Edward Blair
Juanita Blumberg
Stormy Bok
Florence Borda
Barbara and Earle Borman
Peggy and Nat Bowditch
Terence and Amy Britton
Pamela Brown
Stuart H. Brown
Carol Bult
Linda Cabot and Edward Anderson
Ronald and Patricia Callan
Marianne and John Castle
Robert and Barbara Chalk
Helen and Martin Chooljian
Charles Clough
Marcelle Coffin
Ruth and Tris Colket
Tig Conger
Susan Connell
Joette and John Cook
Madeleine Corson
Edith Dabney
Joseph Dailey
Ray and Barbara Dalio
Sylvia and Jean de Valpine
Alan and Jeanne Davis
Josephine Detmer
Rogie and Charlie Dickey
Betty Dickinson
Jeanne Donovan Fisher
Morris Dorrance
Joan and Dick Dunham
Linda and Jeff Dunn
Wanda and Alvin Dworman
Christopher Earl
Connie Eastburn
Stanley Eisenberg
Valerie and Stephen Evans-Freke
Lucy Everts
Betsey and Hugh Farrington
Jacqueline Fawcett
David and Heidi Fitz
Stephen Fletcher
Colin Foster and Andrea Ryan
Richard Foster
Jean Fourcroy-Behr and Armin Behr
William Fowler and Mary Wolf
Barbara and Richard Fox
Jane Gillum
Irene Goodale
Kiendl and John Gordon
Kathryn Gould
Richard Grace
Brenda Harahan and Donald Swan
Phil Harriman
Mary Ellen and Dermot Healey
Peter Hecht
Horace Hildreth
Karen and Andrew Hirschberg
Ann Michelson Hirschhorn
Ken and Paulette Howard
Mike and Vivian Hyde
Carol and David Ingall
Gay Lynn and Melvin Jackson
Stefanie Jeffrey
Chester Jelly
Linda Jensen and Michael Shattow
Tom Johnson and Joyce Sullivan
Thomas P. Jones
Rue and Ardon Judd
Ann and Ed Kania
Nancy Kelley
Rebecca and Kevin Kerchner
Joan and Allan Kleinman
Barbara Knowles
Patricia and Julius Krevans
Fernand and Nicole Lamesch
Marion Lavy
Michael Lebel
Martin Leibowitz
Leo Liu
Diane Louie and Paul Rothenberg
Richard and Theresa Lubman
Christopher and Nia Luck
Virginia Lum and Bob Young
Dr. John Macauley
Jane MacElree
Holly and Alan MacEwan
David and Melissa Mack
Richard Mack
Joan and Fred Mansfield
Mary Louise Markert, M.D.
Mary-'Vesta Marston-Scott
Jan and Bob Marville
Esther Mauran
Adrienne and Jack Maxwell
Mary McAllister
John McFadden and Lisa Kabnick
Lois and Bob McKown
Anne McKusick
Liz McMullan and Kaveh Haghkerdar
Phoebe Milliken
Barry and Karen Mills
Peter Model
Marjorie and Jim Moody
Wistar Morris
Karen and Ned Nalle
Meta and Benjamin R. Neilson
Rainey and Leslie Norins
Rosemary O’Brien and Joanne Schindelheim
Abby and George O'Neill
Dorothy Osher
C. Marcella Owens
Dennis Paustenbach
Lee Pearce
Stephen Petschek
Andy Pew
KP Pezeshkan
Laurence Pierce
Polly and Daniel Pierce
Andrea Pollack and Adam Usdan
John Potts
Cornelius and Trudie Prior
Nancy and George Putnam
Nancy Pyne
Joy and George Rathmann
Nisson Ravitz
Zelda and Morton Reeber
Charles Rice
Patricia Rice
Rusty and John Roberts
Richard and Nancy Rockefeller
Linda and Richard Roeckelein
Roxanne Wruble Rosoman
Peter Ross
Daryl and Steven Roth
Lynn and Paul Rudolf
Carol Rush
Bonnie and W. Tom Sawyer
Elizabeth Schermerhorn
Mary Schley
Val Scott
Rosalind Segal
Beth and David Shaw
Muriel Shaw
Irving Silverman
Grant Sims
Alok Singh
Alan and Sarah Skerker
Vada and Theodore Stanley
Judy and Harvey Stephens
Elaine Stieritz
Barbara Stiewe
Robert Stuart
Donald Sussman
Kathleen Sutton
Raymond H. Taylor
Alexis and Susan Te
William Thomas
Kathleen Triman
Hans Utsch
Mariluz Villa and Tom Reynolds
Candace and Edward Walworth
Paul and Helen Weaver
James Webber
Mavis and Caspar W. Weinberger Jr.
J. Robert and Lisa Wheatley
Alexander Wheeler
Molly and John White
Rosalind Whitehead
David and Gayle Whittingham
Mayer Wolf
Penny Wolfe
Andrew Wong
Deann Wright and Luke Evnin
Roslyn and George Wright
Prudence and Stephen P. Younger
Lou and Judy Zawislak
Jane Zirnkilton

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