2014 Memorial gifts

This list recognizes donors who made gifts in memory of a friend or loved one in 2014. This list is updated on a monthly basis.

In memory of Emilio Acorda
John R. Kittredge, M.D. '70

In memory of All my family that have departed
Mrs. Elaine Stieritz

In memory of Fred Avis
Wade K. Smith, M.D. '54

In memory of Dorothea Bennett
Roberta Dilk Bruck Ph.D. '70

In memory of Edward Birkenmeier, M.D.
Dr. Joseph R. and Eleanor P. Simpson

In memory of Mike Bookman
Gladys and Murray Rosofsky

In memory of Alice D. Brooks
Sarah Brooks and Andres Estrada

In memory of Harold W. Buck
Anonymous (1)
Jeffrey and Anne Banger
Priscilla Clark
Stuart and Esther Cooper
Steven Hardy
Paul and Patricia Jones
David and Marjory Kraske
Don and Cindy Marsh
Nancy and Allan Peck
Patti Sigurdson and Bill Giroux
Peter Stafford
Isabel Stevens
Louise Zollo

In memory of Ludwig Burns
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Burns

In memory of Arthur Champlin
Linda Watts

In memory of Hummy Chebot
Gladys and Murray Rosofsky

In memory of Doug Coleman
Dr. Ralph J. ’65 and Mrs. Millicent Graff

In memory of James L. Connors
Emera Maine

In memory of Frank D'Angelo
Miss Charlotte D'Angelo

In memory of Alan Davis
Mrs. Jeanne Cahill Davis

In memory of Robert Davis
Barbara Kvedar Davis

In memory of Warren Davis
Bill and Marilyn Voorhies

In memory of Johan De Besche
Ms. Ann Lucile de Besche

In memory of Millie Doyle
Jeanne Riggs

In memory of William H. Eastburn III
Constance A. Eastburn

In memory of Carmela A. Edmunds
Sara L. Ball, R.N.

In memory of Gloria Freidlander
Gladys and Murray Rosofsky

In memory of Jon Geiger
Peggie Geiger

In memory of Althea Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Aldene Robbins

In memory of Norma Gene Harper
Benjamin Coon and friends at Alfa Insurance

In memory of George F. Herbert
James and Linda Killian

In memory of Thomas J. Holt
Dr. Edward Bruce DiDonato

In memory of Rita Idelson
Malcolm G. Idelson

In memory of Anna E. Johnson
Barbara Easterday

In memory of Barbara Ellen Joy

In memory of Gladys Kaplan
Gladys and Murray Rosofsky

In memory of Jerry Kaufman
Mrs. Jacquelynn Kaufman

In memory of Luke Krebs
Ms. Louise Lopez

In memory of Frances Krumrel
Joyce Slowik

In memory of Nancy Snow Leeson
Carter Harwood
Hilary Harwood

In memory of Dr. Irene Y. Li
Ms. Nan-Qian Li

In memory of Rube Lipson
Gladys and Murray Rosofsky

In memory of Dr. Victor A. McKusick
Ms. Sara E. Davis

In memory of Thomas Edmund Meyer
Cynthia Carey
Caryl Everett
Amelia Harp and Thomas Hausle
Patti and Bill McClure

Ms. Jane A. Meyer
Richard and Doris Sharp
Christine and Brian Sherwin

In memory of Dr. Joseph M. Murray
Chase Family Fund

In memory of Horace D. Nalle
Mrs. Ethel Nalle Wetherill

In memory of Ann Murray Paige
Anonymous (1)
Barbara and Stanley Barwise
James and Lee Broder
Eleanor Brown
Sandy Elsasser
Meredith Finn
Peter and Abbey Flink
Christopher and Erin Fogg
Kimberly Haynes
Charles E. and Jacqueline K. Hewett
Amanda Hoel and Peter Murphy
Deborah Jackson
Frederick and Barbara Jackson
L.L. Bean Inc.
Ms. Louise Lopez
Lisa Paige
Valerie E. Scott
Nancy Sharp
Alan and Carol Sockloff
Marge Strobel
Bill and Kathy Vandegrift
Deanna Wilson-Fernandez
Yan Yang, Ph.D.

In memory of Mr. Richard Pope
Ray and Wanda Hansen

In memory of Edmund Roberts
Charles Roberts Jr.

In memory of Tom Roderick
Mr. Peter Forsyth Grylls
Margarethe Roderick, Ira Dorfman, Daniel Dorfman and Zachary Dorfman
Robert and Dorothy Simmons

In memory of Edith Rudolf
Anonymous (1)
Larry and Debra Alley
Patty Bacon
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel R. Bowditch
Pete and Ruth Calas
Joseph M. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Drake
Drs. Linda and Jeffrey Dunn
Christopher and Erin Fogg
Penny and Tim Fox
Charles E. and Jacqueline K. Hewett
Julius and Patricia Krevans
Ms. Elizabeth McMullan
Mr. Hamilton Robinson Jr.
Stephen and Melissa Rockwood
Edward and Marthann Samek

In memory of Dr. John Paul Scott
Dr. Mary-‘Vesta Martsont-Scott

In memory of Joyce Scott
Kaye and Rod Scott

In memory of Rod Scott
Kaye and Rod Scott

In memory of Nevill Smythe
Mrs. Ann S. Smythe

In memory of Dr. George Snell
Wade K. Smith, M.D. '54

In memory of Martha Sniegocki
Ms. Margaret Gean

In memory of Dorothy Sobczak
Roy Atkinson

In memory of Lena Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin J. Stein

In memory of Emelia Suski
Edmund and Patricia Suski '67

In memory of Victor E. Suski
Edmund and Patricia Suski '67

In memory of Makenzie Rye Webster
Rebecca and Randy Webster

In memory of Cookie Willems
Elissa Chesler
Ms. Mary Jane Grady
Ron and Marlene Hurd
Kebo Valley Ladies Gold Association
Stephen and Melissa Rockwood
Wendy Stack and Mary Ella Grady
Laura W. Thomas


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