Society for Discovery

Society for Discovery members embrace the idea that The Jackson Laboratory’s research is the starting point for cures and hope. Thank you for your support.  This list is updated on a monthly basis.

Founding Members

Mr. Robert Alvine
Mr. Joseph Barber*
Ms. Delphine Barbier*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Beck
Mrs. Irene Neal Beckett*
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison B. Bell*
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel R. Bowditch
Dr. Markley H. Boyer
Alan G.* and Jane Carr
Mrs. Ida L. Carter*
Mr. Joseph M. Cohen
Ms. Eleanor M. Collier*
Hugh P. Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Craig
Mr. John F. D’Aprix
Mr. Alan C. Davis*
Ralph E. and Anastasia Davis*
Mrs. Miriam R. Ellinger*
Anna Fuller*
Mr. J. Frank and Mrs. Ruth Gerrity II *
Mrs. Margaret M. Gerrity*
Mr. Peter Gerrity
Drs. Earl and Margaret Green*
Mr.* and Mrs. William H. Harding
Ms. Joanne B. Harris
Mrs. Loretta L. Heinemann*
Ann Michelson Hirschhorn, M.D.
Mr.* and Mrs. Edwin T. Johnson
Mr. John H. Knowles, Jr.
Mr. Winthrop Knowlton
Mr. Dwight E. Lee
Ms. Selma Levy
Mr. Peter S. Linder
Mr. Sam Robertson Little
Mrs. J. Dawn Lowry
Mr. Paul Maximuke*
Mr. John C. Maxwell, Jr.
Ms. Mabelle W. Morin*
Mr. Weldon M. Morrison*
Mrs. Harry R. Neilson, Jr.
Mr. E. Wayne Nordberg
Mrs. C. Marcella Owens
Drs. Kenneth and Beverly Paigen
Susanna B. and David* E. Place, Esq.
Hamilton Robinson, Jr., Esq.
Mrs. Joseph G. Rossi*
Mr. and Mrs.* William Rudolf
Dr. Paul Russell
Mr. James Ryan*
Lynda Schubert, Ph.D.
Dr. Henry F. Sears
Mr. David E. Shaw
Mr. Brian Sherwin
Ann and Nevill* Smythe
Donald A. Stern, Esq.
Mr. Theodore Whitehouse*
Mr. Brian F. Wruble


Anonymous (6)
Patricia Albano-Goulette
Patricia Bacon
Joanne and Paul Bean
Elizabeth Beattie
Mr. John C. Beck
Louis and Helene Bier
Mrs. Janet D. Brand
Mary M. Brandes
Pamela Brown, M.D., Ph.D.
Peter and Ruth Calas
Dr. Douglas L. Coleman
Ethel M. Conley* Estate
Kathleen Corbet
Miss Martha Costello*
Alan J. Cuttito* Estate
Kathryn W. Davis, Ph.D.*
Jean M. Doelling, M.D.
Clayton * and Cheryl Estabrook
Georgina Munson Ducey Field
Mr. John B. Forrest, Jr.*
Jean L. Fourcroy and Armin Behr
Miss Dorothy R. Frie
James W. Gerard* Estate
Eugene* and Jane Gillum
Margolia Gilson
Charles V. and Sybil K. Green*
William S. Harwood
Nancy P. Heistand*
Dr. and Mrs. Freddy Homburger*
Diane and Thomas Houston
Chester F. Jelly, Jr.*
Paula Jelly
Patricia A. Johnson
Diane E. Kelton
Dr. Frank W. and Lucy H. Kibbe*
Jane Seavey Kirk
Norman and Laurin Kleiman
Samantha Knowlton
Chris and Kathleen Koch
Harry J. Krokus Jr.*
Miss Elsie H. Langstroth*
Joel V. Levy, M.D.*
K. Fischer Lindahl, Ph.D.
Mr.* and Mrs. * Robert Little
Mary-‘Vesta Marston-Scott
Mr. Peter F. McSpadden
Virginia Mitchell*
Mrs. Carolyn H. Montgomery
Michael and Katharine Morley
Leslie C. Norins, M.D., Ph.D., and Ann “Rainey” Norins
Ms. Anna Pliscz*
Morton Reeber
Mrs. Dartha Cloudman Reid and Mr. Paul Allen Reid
Mrs. Lois Rinck*
Bonita M. Ross
Roxanne Wruble Rosoman and Leonard* Rosoman
Dr. and Mrs. Sherman Ross*
William A. Rubenstein, M.D.
Mrs. Ruby E. Rutherford*
Drs. Deborah and Joel Shlian 
Paul and Sally Slosser
Laurine M. Speltz and Denis E. Ryono
Phyllis K. Steiner and Lois B. Fink
Mrs. Elaine Stieritz
Mark* and Kathleen Sutton
Raymond H. Taylor
Lucille I. and James R. Thomas
Mr. * and Mrs. Paul W. Tourigny
Dr. Richard Trachtman and Jan Hopkins Trachtman
Miss Dorothy L. Van Loan*
Mrs. Dorothy S. Warriner*
Dr. Charity Waymouth*
Constance S. White, M.D.
Blanch Wyles* Estate
Charles S. Yentsch*

* deceased

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